Flip Words

Flip Words 2.0esl

An addictive word puzzle game

Flip Words is an addictive puzzle game that will test your knowledge of words. View full description


  • Addictive
  • Fun to create new phrases
  • Educational


  • Graphics aren't amazing


Flip Words is an addictive puzzle game that will test your knowledge of words.

Your goal is to win points by guessing the phrases given to you and connecting the right letters on the board to create words. In typical puzzle game fashion, you'll be given a choice of three modes: Classic, Strategy and Multiplayer, the second one being a bit more challenging. You can go online to review your scores and compare them with others.

The graphics and music in Flip Words aren't sensational but you can still choose from a number of different themes. We also liked being able to edit our own phrases up, which allows you to create your own custom game between you and your friends. In all, Flip Words is fun to play and it will really test your vocabulary. If you have children, it's the perfect way to make them discover new words and how to use them.

Although Flip Words offers limited graphics and sound, it's a fun word puzzle game with three different modes. A good timewaster.

Click letters to make words and solve thousands of familiar phrases in this exciting sequel to Flip Words--one of most addictive words games around. Flip Words 2 builds on the fun and challenging gameplay of the original by adding exciting new game modes, visual themes, and a wider variety of phrase categories. Test your word making skills in “Classic” mode and, for an intriguing change of pace, try the new “Strategy” mode where you earn and spend tokens to help you solve the phrase. If you want to share in the fun, then try your luck on-line in the exciting new multiplayer “Party” mode where you can play cooperatively with up to three other players for medals and high scores. In addition to solving phrases, you can even create your own for other players to enjoy using the built-in phrase editor!


  • Click on letters to make words and solve phrases
  • Download new phrases every time you play for virtually endless gaming
  • Three modes to play including “Classic”, “Strategy” and the multiplayer “Party” mode
  • Create your own phrases for others to enjoy using the built-in editor
  • Enjoy numerous visual themes, music tracks and hi-res graphics
  • See how you match up against others with online high scores lists

Flip Words


Flip Words 2.0esl